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Jin-X Healthcare PVT LTD is Mumbai based one of the leading and fastest growing personal care and healthcare businesses in India, with an enviable portfolio of Oral care, Personal care in JIN-X brand. Our management has many years experience in the f...

  • (+91) 9967788964
  • G1, Dharm Kutir Building,, Kharkar Ali Rd, Near Police school, Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra, India. 400601
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Jin-X Bandhan Talcum Powder (Round Pack)


  • Jin-X Bandhan Talc (Round PC)
  • Long Lasting Perfume
  • 24 hours of nonstop freshness
  • providing a light, refreshing
  • perfumes that keep people fresh all day long

Cool Pro Prickly Heat Powder (Aloe Vera)


  • Exclusively curated anti-bacterial formula,
  • Protects from skin problems caused by sweat and germs,
  • Controls the growth and infection of bacteria,
  • Soothing and cooling relief from itching and burning,
  • Gives a drying effect on sweaty and damp body parts,