Shaving Foam JIN-X Classic 400 gm

Shaving Foam JIN-X Classic 400 gm


JIN-X manufacturer of Classic Shaving Foam

Made By - Tea Tree Oil , Vitamin E , Aloe Vera Extract , Glycerine ... etc.


JIN-X Shaving Foam Made Especially For gentlemen for Saloon & Mens Parlour..


Jin-X Classic Shaving Foam  Has a Thick , Rich , And Creamy Lather, which make The Razor Positively Glide over your face and shaving become an enjoyable experience.  


JIN-X Shaving Foam helps to moisturize your skin and protect against irritation. 


JIN-X Shaving Foam is a frothy cosmetic cream applied to body hair, usually facial hair, to facilitate shaving. 


The use of cream achieves three effects:
* Lubricates the cutting process.
* Swells keratin. 
* Desensitizes skin.  


Available In Three Variant - Classic , Lemon ,  Aqwa Blue. 



  • JIN-X Grand Premium Classic Shaving Foam

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